Friday, June 20, 2014

Friend Request in JavaScript using - Part 3

Now for actions, assuming you added some nice little buttons to those lists.

These are very simplistic, just to show the concept. You would probably want to have some Cloud Code that will verify things in a before-save function. Also all my examples haven't included any error handling but you should add some.

Approve a request

// assuming you saved the as maybe an attribute
// data-friend-request-id="xxxx" on the Approve button this code is
// linked to
var friendRequest = new FriendRequest(); = $(this).data('friendRequestId');
friendRequest.set('status', RequestStatus.approved);;

Reject a request

As per Approve, but use
friendRequest.set('status', RequestStatus.rejected);


As per Approve, but use
friendRequest.set('status', RequestStatus.rejected);

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Bryan said...

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